Work Compensation Questionnaire

How to set up and use the Work Comp Questionnaire

Work Comp Questionnaire

Work comp questions are used by organizations to determine if vendors and other visitors experienced any accidents or unsafe practices while on-site at the building.

These questions are customizable in Manage Lookups (select Lookup type of Work Comp Questions at the bottom of the list).

Set the question to appear on screen as the “Name” of the question.

The Work Comp Questions are optional and can be required by only certain roles within Global Settings.


Managing Work Comp in Global Settings

  1. Admin should navigate to Manage Global Settings
  2. Check Work Comp
  3. Check the role types that will be asked the questions prior to being allowed to check out

Using Work Comp Questionnaire

  1. The Work Comp Questionnaire will be required for any designated role types prior to checking out for an appointment
    1. An email flag will be automatically sent to an organization’s safety/security team upon a visitor or vendor who answers yes to witnessing any unsafe practices or getting injured while working on-site.
  2. These questions will be required whether the vendor or visitor checks out via the kiosk, web, or QR code.