Visitor Check in Via QR Code

The contactless method for visitors and vendors to check in and out of the organization

QR Code Check In

Users have the option to use QR codes to check their visitors in and out of appointments. The recommended practice for this is to post the QR code somewhere easily noticeable, and with which the visitor will have to interact. An example of this is to prominently display the QR code on a check in desk at the entrance to the building.

The steps to check in using QR codes are as follows:

  1. Visitor scans the QR code with his/her mobile device
  2. Visitor verifies his/her identity by entering mobile phone or email address
  3. Visitor is sent a one-time passcode (OTP) via entered mobile phone or email address
  4. Visitor enters OTP
  5. Visitor selects role and reason for visiting, then clicks Continue
  6. Visitor is Checked In


It is important to note that users are not required to check out of an appointment for any reason. There is a Global Setting check box that, when checked, assumes the user attended the appointment for the entire duration of scheduled time. If a user attends a morning appointment, then goes to lunch, and returns to the same location for an afternoon appointment the user will automatically be checked out of the morning appointment and checked in for the afternoon appointment. This automatic process allots the complete scheduled duration of both appointments to the user.


Examples of Mobile QR Code Check-In Workflow

  1. Scan QR code posted at the appointment location


  1. Confirm mobile phone number or email address


  1. Receive OTP via mobile phone or email

  1. Verify OTP

  1. Select role and purpose of visit and click Continue

  1. Visitor is checked-in

Message Received When Visitor Enters Incorrect Mobile Number or Email


Message Received When Agent is Already Checked-In