User Profiles and Orphaned Users

How to create, manage, and search for user profiles

User Profiles- In this window, users can be added. These users can be new employees or even external personnel such as truck drivers or contractors. From this screen users will have the ability to affiliate the users to an organization and grant roles within each.

Users also have the option to Print a Badge (for visitor purposes), Send Invitation (that will send a signup email to the new user with their login information inside), and Send Appointment (if they want to create an appointment invite and email it to the user).

  • If a user is created within User Profiles and is unaffiliated with an Organization, this is an Orphaned User. To find Orphaned Users, follow these steps:
    • The new user will not be searchable using the search bar in the top right since it is unaffiliated
    • Search for the new user by checking the Orphans Created by Me box within the search dropdown menu
    • The unaffiliated user will appear
    • Click on the user and affiliate them with an organization using the steps delineated below