The Information Tab

Here is a list of all the details present on the load information tab

Load Information

  1. Next, click on one of the active loads in the load board to pull up a load’s details.
  2. From here users are granted permission to edit pertinent information on any Existing Loads.
  3. The edit screen provides a robust list of options for configuring loads properly to meet specifications. If a load is out of specification, operators will be able to see that clearly from this screen and contact the carrier or driver to correct any details.
  4. From the “Details” tab users are able to view, change, and enter the following information pertaining to that load:
    1. Load Number
    2. Load Name (Can be the same as Load Number)
    3. Product Type
    4. Load Configuration
    5. Handling Code
    6. Sales Order Number
    7. Product Line
    8. Estimated Load Time
    9. Scheduling Status
    10. Load Weight in lbs
    11. GVWR Requirement
    12. Whether the shipment is Lighter than Load or not
    13. Loaded Miles
    14. Equipment Length in meters
    15. Description