Scheduling Appointments

The process of scheduling meetings and appointments on-site at an organization

Manage Appointments

This button allows users to add and cancel visitor appointments. Users also have the ability to send appointment confirmation emails to the appointment attendees.

To create a new appointment:

  1. Click Add
  2. Details Tab
    1. Enter the meeting information according to the prompts.
  3. Click Save:
    1. To save the appointment’s information, but continue working on this appointment.
  4. Click Save & New:
    1. To save the appointment and return to the previous screen.

  5. Attendees Tab
    1. Allows users to add required and optional attendees to the scheduled appointment, as well as remove attendees.
    2. Also allows users to send appointment emails to the attendees.

Once the user clicks the “Send Appointment” button, all checked meeting attendees will receive a confirmation email with their appointment details on it.


  1. Personal Credentials Tab
    1. Allows users to view attendees’ profiles information.

The Appointment Board

This screen is the main page users see when they enter Manage Appointments. It allows users to view a list of scheduled appointments for their organization, along with the appointments associated details.

  1. Appointment Details
    1. Title
    2. Start Date and Time
    3. End Date and Time
    4. Status
    5. Location
    6. Whether or not it is recurring
    7. Any Notes
    8. Attendees Personal Credentials
    9. The Sub-Tenant in which the appointment is scheduled