QR Code Sign In Procedures

How to use the web-based QR code for driver sign in

QR Code Driver Check-In

  1. DOCK|C2 is now fully Contactless! Administrators can find mobile-friendly QR URLs for their location in Global Settings, convert them to QR codes, and post the QR codes in locations where they will be clearly visible to entering drivers.
    1. Menu --> Admin à Global Settings --> Mobile Friendly Loading Dock Checkin URL
    2. QR is most effective when printed on large road sign

  1. Once driver scans the QR code with his/her mobile device, one should follow these steps:
    1. Click Check In
      1. Note: Screen will read, “Welcome to Name of Organization

  1. Enter Trip Details
    1. Load Number, Driver’s Mobile Number, Trailer Type, etc.


  1. Sign the E-Signature Block
    1. This signature will transfer directly to the Bill of Lading upon completion of the load.
      1. To enable the signature capture feature within the QR Code Driver Check In, the administrator must check the box within Global Settings.
        1. Menu --> Global Settings --> [check] Require Signature on Driver Check In


  1. Driver Gets Checked In
    1. Driver should monitor his/her mobile device for follow-on instructions