New Driver Registration

How first time mobile app users sign up and get affiliated with the proper organization

The most effective way to create new driver profiles within the mobile app is to first create the driver’s profile within the one’s desired organization/s. Affiliate the driver and assign the proper role/s to him/her. Lastly, create a username and password for the driver. This will be the same username and password that he/she will use on the mobile app.

However, if the driver initiates the process without working directly with the organization the steps for him/her to create a mobile account are as follows.

  1. New driver downloads the Renaissant Mobile App and clicks “Register”.

  1. Fill out the information fields and click, “Register”.

  1. Enter the OTP from both mobile number and email and click, “Submit”.

  1. Driver’s profile is created as an orphan. Customers need to contact Renaissant staff to locate and affiliate the new driver with the proper organization.