Managing Contractors

How to set up and manage contracting companies and their contractors/vendors


Many visitors fall into the category of “Contractor”, which Renaissant defines as a hired, third-party vendor who enters a facility to work on the facility’s equipment or systems. Renaissant provides several features to allow an Organization to track contracting companies and their employees’ visits.

Create and Manage Contracting Companies

  1. Navigate to the Menuà hover over the information tabàclick Manage Contracting Companies

  1. Click Add to add a new company
  2. Enter a Code and a Name for the new company
  3. Select a Company Type from the drop-down list of lookup values
    1. If a new Company Type is necessary, add it as a Lookup Value in Manage Lookups
      1. Select External Company Type, Parent, Active
      2. See Manage Lookup Values section for more details
    2. If desired, enter company EIN and description



Affiliate Vendors with Contracting Companies

  1. Click the User Profiles widget
  2. Select or create the user to be affiliated
  3. Click the Affiliations tab
    1. Click the affiliation from the list of affiliations that needs to be affiliated with a company
    2. Once affiliation is highlighted, click Assign Contracting Company


  1. Select the Contracting Company with which the vendor is affiliated

  1. Click Assign
  2. Track vendor affiliations and other user data in the list view inside the Affiliations tab


  1. Track frequency of appointments and visits in the Appointments tab



  1. Return to Manage Contracting Companies
  2. Select the desired Contracting Company
  3. Click Employees tab
    1. From here affiliated vendors can be edited and set as a company contact person
Organizations can also click the Credentials tab and set any specific credentials required for that contracting company