Manage Global Settings

Administrators' way to control settings across tenant and sub-tenant levels of their organization

  • Manage Global Settings- Within “Manage Global Settings” are two tabs at the top of the screen.
  • Global Settings- For administrators of customers that can change their own configurations: This tab allows users to simply check or uncheck any setting that they wish to allow or disallow on all of the users’ portals. Examples are the kiosk displaying a company logo or not, the kiosk playing a ding sound when it receives notifications, and setting the arrival window increment for load appointment times. Once a setting is saved in this tab, it will be set across that entire organization and its sub-tenants.










  1. MIS Log Sync- This page is a live log sheet of all of the synchronizations that Dock C2 has had with an organization’s databases and SFTP files. It logs every transaction that comes though and provides information that allows auditing such as: who created each transaction, the user who last modified the transaction, and the date/time of last modification.