How to use Load Pins

Prevent unintentional user error and create a paper trail of transactions using load pins

Using Load PINs

Load PINs are unique 4-7 digit numbers that allow users in the same organization or site to remain logged into Dock C2 under one login profile, while still allowing role-based access to certain features. It also allows administrators to look up load and transaction histories and track user activities. For organization using PINs, each user will maintain his/her own unique PIN that is either assigned or created for them. PINs must be unique, they are not able to be changed by the individual users, and they are public information to administrators (are not hidden from administrators like passwords are).

  • Administrators manage whether or not an organization uses Load PINs inside Global Settings. This box is checked if the organization wants to use PINs rather than individual login information. If not, the box will remain unchecked.
  • PINs are assigned and created in the User Profile under Edit Profile or
  • Once users have unique PINs, they will be prompted to enter their PINs to authorize any load transactions or changing of any workflow statuses.
  • If the PIN is entered incorrectly, or there is no such PIN created, then the user will receive an error message.
  • Within the Manage tab, users and administrators can clearly see a history of who changed anything on a load and when. This audit trail is created with the use of PINs.