Dashboard Navigation

How to find your way around the platform

Dashboard Navigation

  • Upon signing in, users will be brought to the home screen, which we call, the “Dashboard”.
  • The Dashboard will come pre-loaded with all widgets (buttons) tied to a user’s role and permissions within the Renaissant Platform. Therefore, not all Dashboards will look the same. In the picture above the “Loading Dock” widget and the “Warehouse” widget are circled. These will be the two most frequently used widgets for running the Dock C2

  • See below for an explanation of the icons on the Dashboard
  • To best set up a Dock C2 personal working environment, the workspace is configured in the following order:

The Profile Manager button indicates what user profile or account is currently signed in. It also allows users to change personal account information, adjust profile settings, change passwords, or sign out of the current profile.

The Organization/Tenant Display Field shows the organization under which a user currently signed in. For most users this will always be the same Organization. If a user is an administrator, or work in multiple sites, he/she may be affiliated with more than one Organization.

The Organization/Tenant Selector are three dots that allow users to scroll through and browse all organizations with which they have affiliations (Examples are Charter Steel-Saukville, Cleveland, and/or Fostoria). If a role is only associated with one organization, the user will only have one option in this field.

The Menu is located on the left side of the screen and has three buttons: Loading Dock, Information, and Admin from which users can set personal and global settings.

The Platform Widgets allow users entry into the specific platform they wish to work inside.

The Home Buttons show a house icon and the Renaissant logo. If users click on either of these icons they will be navigated back to the Dashboard.