Configurable Load Board Headers and Definitions

How to properly use and identify column headers on the load board

Configurable Load Board Headers’ Definitions

  • Load Number- This is the number used to identify a load and track all of its details.
  • Appointment Time- This is the date and time group for which a load’s appointment is scheduled.
  • Scheduling Status- The length of time a load is in scheduled status.
  • Load Status- the length of time a load is in a specific load status. Once the load status for that load changes, a new timer starts for the new status and the previous timer is archived in the load’s history.
  • Driver Status- This shows the driver’s current activity. The options are Checked In, Checked Out, or Pending.
  • Driver Wait Time- The summation of all of the time-based check boxes in the Manage Global Settings Tab.
    • Can be configured on the global and tenant levels
  • Driver- This is the name of the driver for this particular load.
  • Appointment Status- This status has three options.
    • In Progress- if the driver is pending or checked in for an appointment for that load
    • Inactive (Null)- if there is no appointment for that load
    • Cancelled- If that load is complete
  • Staging Location- This is the location within the plant or site at which the load is staged.
  • Carrier- This is the transportation organization that is transporting the load.
  • Driver Check In- The date and time group at which the driver was checked in.
  • Arrival Status- This tells operators if a driver is Early, On Time, or Late to his/her appointment.
  • Dock- This is the warehouse’s location (Dock) at which the carrier is loading the load.
  • Door- This is the specific door or sub-location within the Dock at which the carrier is loading the load.
  • Request Time- The time of day that a driver initially attempted to check in for a load.
  • Driver Check Out- This is the date and time group at which the driver was checked out.
  • FLOP- This is the name of the fork lift operator who will be handling the load.
  • ID- This number is assigned to each load by the Renaissant system. It is another unique identifier that is ordered sequentially by time of load creation.
  • It is important to note that if a load’s status is complete, then the scheduling status duration and the appointment status will also be marked “complete”, and no more changes can be made to that load. All load details will become read only in the load’s History.