Changing User Profile Information

Summarizes the different ways to change information on a user profile; includes how to change driver user information during check in

  • Changing User Profile Information
  • Sometimes users (including Drivers) may enter information incorrectly into the platform initially, or the original information is no longer correct, and the situation arises in which a user needs to edit information after his/her account has been made. Making these changes is a very easy process. In most cases, users will have to seek out somebody with the proper system permissions to edit profile information. If users have permission, here are the steps:
  • Go to the Menu and select Information à User Profiles
  • Select the user profile that needs to be edited.
  • Edit any information on the user profile and click
  • How to Change Incorrect Driver Mobile Number During Check In
  • Sometimes a driver will incorrectly enter his/her Mobile Phone Number on the kiosk during check in. Another situation is if the driver has changed the Mobile Phone Number on his/her profile since the last time he/she checked in on the platform. There is an easy way the driver can correct these errors and make updates. See below:
  • Once the driver enters the incorrect number, he/she can click back until he/she arrives at the First Load Information Entry Screen.
  • Update the outdated mobile phone number from the First Load Information Entry Screen.
  • Driver proceeds through the check in screen pages and checks in with correct Mobile Phone Number.