Administrative Updates-Version 3.2

Discusses the updated features that grant greater control to those with administrative roles in Version 3.2-Feb 2022


  1. Locked Accounts.
    1. An account locks if a user enters the incorrect username or password five times.

  1. In DOCK|C2 Version 3.2 Administrators can unlock user accounts on-demand.
  2. User Profiles à Select User --> Login --> More à Unlock

  1. Military Time vs. AM/PM.
    1. Administrators now have access within Global Settings to select what time convention their entire organization will use.
    2. Please note that this is a universal setting within a Tenant, however, the administrator can change this setting at any time, which will instantly affect all times within an organization to match the newly selected time convention.

  1. Daylight Savings Time Adjustment.
    1. Renaissant now has an automatic adjustment factor built into the application for Daylight Savings time.
    2. This switches times ahead and back one hour according to Daylight Savings. This adjustment factor is automatic and applies to all times within the application. No Action is required by customers.